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Starting with the finest ingredients, you and your family can always depend on us at KakeAroo to design tasty and unique cakes and other treats for all your celebration needs.  Check out each of the following::

Birthdays, Weddings, Showers, Corporate, Holidays, Graduations, Theme Cakes, Quinceanera Cakes, Special occasions Cake

About Us

We at KakeAroo was inspired and taught by one the world’s best bakers (our mom).  She always had an open door policy to her kitchen.  We learned the art of baking by “hands on” involvement with lots of love, fun and laughter.

So you can see that our first bakery was the family kitchen.  Here we created a variety of homemade, tasty cakes, cookies, breads and other edible treats.


Our Mission

To create cakes and other edible treats that will captivate the uniqueness of each family member on his/her special occasion.inexpensive wedding dresses


Cake Gallery>

Cake Gallery>

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Cake Gallery>


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