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We at KakeAroo was inspired and taught by one the world’s best bakers (our mom).  She always had an open door policy to her kitchen.  We learned the art of baking by “hands on” involvement with lots of love, fun and laughter.

So you can see that our first bakery was the family kitchen.  Here we created a variety of homemade, tasty cakes, cookies, breads and other edible treats.

However we all had a natural knack for creativity there were three main ingredients that we put into each baked creation, which are love, fun and laughter.  Today at “KakeAroo Cake and Bakery Studio” we continue using the same ingredients in all that we do. Including both cakes and service. We at KakeAroo welcome you into our family.

A Texas educator with Mississippi roots remembers her mother’s home-made cakes and deserts that was a delight to her family for many years.

Inspired by her mother’s expert baking skills and her Christian wisdom has

taken this talent and creativity to the neighbourhood and opened a cake and bakery studio.

She learned the basic baking techniques by simply using her five senses (taste, smell, sight, touch and even hearing).  The fact that she shared her early baking and cooking experience with six brothers, two sisters, a loving mom and a self-educated agriculturist dad set the atmosphere for success.

There were never “Too Many Cooks in this Family’s Kitchen.” Due to the love, fun and laughter our experience sharing the kitchen was a welcomed and appreciated family activity.

This designer/instructor currently juggles a full time career as a Texas elementary school teacher and her dream bakery.  She manages quiet well with the support of select friends, family and her women’s networking group.  To this day even though some family members live in other states they are just a phone call away.  This designer continues to learn new and creative ways to captivate the family’s cake needs by “Bringing Families Together One Cake at a Time.”


Our bakery consists of two departments:

Baking and catering.  Here we provide the following products and services:

*Customized Cakes and Catering for all Occasions

*Artful Bread Baskets

*Cookie Bouquet

*Cupcake Bouquet

*Mini Pastries

*Party Cupcake Packages


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